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I found myself having to deal with a difficult issue that I had nursed over the years when I discovered PSYCH-K and had my first session. At first the affects were imperceptible but I found after 3-4 days that I felt genuinely lighter in myself and more in charge. My husband was able to detect a change in my attitude as well. I felt it well worth continuing with PSYCH-K therapy to help deal with other issues that had a negative affect on my way of thinking. It has been very beneficial. Now, when I feel there is a need to address an issue within myself I always consider PSYCH-K.
I have never tried Psych-K before, but Tina was great in guiding me through the process. She was able to create a safe space for us to explore in-depth some of the issues that I was struggling with. It was a very deep and powerful experience but with the support of Tina, I was able to face demons and bottled-up feelings from the past.

Following my Psych-K session I was able to experience very tangible results and changes both in my mental state and in relationships that had previous been difficult to deal with. I hope I will have the possibility for more Psych-K sessions. 
My doctor referred me to a specialist with a diagnosis of suppressed depression. He said there were deep hidden problems that I hadn't dealt with and it was making me depressed. PSYCH-K was mentioned to me so I decided to look in to it. I wasn't sure if this could work but thought it's got to be better than years on medication. I had 2 sessions with Tina who had a very calming influence on me from the beginning, explaining how PSYCH-K helps change limiting beliefs. It wasn't long before I was confronted with how little I believed in myself and, saw how easy it was to change these beliefs. I had no idea how we were going to break through old long held beliefs but I can tell you we did!

On just one subject there were lots of tears to begin with, but by the end of the session I was laughing. I witnessed a fatal accident in which my dad died. My only memories were very sad and upsetting ones (which had stayed with me for forty years). Now when I picture him I laugh because I remember him singing in the garden. I had these good memories but had buried them beneath my grief.

We worked with self-esteem and on forgiving and letting go of beliefs that were hurting me. I would definitely recommend PSYCH-K to anyone who is struggling with any of the problems I have mentioned.

My son (who is suffering from self-esteem issues) is also working with PSYCH-K and already I have seen a change in him, and seen him grow in strength. I am a convert to effect of PSYCH-K and how, if we understand the mind better, we can make life long changes for the better.
I had a deeply moving and emotional experience of a relationship balance with the lovely Tina surrogating for my mother. I wasn't sure what to expect and approached it with a little skepticism. However not only was I moved to tears by the experience, but I was able to see a definite change in my relationship soon after. Thank you
I initially tried PSYCH-K because of a sleep issue but when I realised the range of subjects that PSYCH-K was able to help me change, I decided to try to resolve painful issues of grief. I found PSYCH-K to be extremely gentle but effective and have since sought PSYCH-K balances with other stressful areas of my life.  Now I wouldn't hesitate to turn to PSYCH-K for help whether with conflicts or limiting beliefs, and have already recommended it to friends.
I have experienced PSYCH-K previously, but recently I was feeling stressed and anxious about a forthcoming event - so booked a session. We worked with releasing my stress and during the process it took me further and further to similar memories (which I didn’t realize I still had), until I could no longer locate the feeling.  It was really strange looking for something that was no longer there!  Then I experienced a balance that identified where my beliefs were in conflict. This was really surprising as although they made perfect sense for how my life was, I had no idea I held these beliefs. Thank you PSYCH-K
Like many people I have held a "healthy scepticism" about the power of the mind to heal, despite knowing absolutely, that the mind can not only heal but can also cause and exacerbate disease. Why is this? Probably because of the intense focus on medicine (in all it's forms - medication, surgery, physical therapies etc) to heal both the mind and body. However my experiences both in every day life, and as a medical practitioner (I have been a paediatric doctor in the NHS for nearly 40 years) has told me otherwise. When people feel good they tend to stay healthy and heal more quickly.

So when I heard that Tina was coming to Spectrum, where I was staying with friends, I did not rule out the possibility that she could help with any "problems" that I might have, although at this stage I was thinking that this might entail working on issues to do with life decisions and mental attitude. Other people on our trip had seen Tina and found her very helpful, so I had been given some personal recommendations before I made the decision to see her. But at this stage I was of the opinion that there were no specific psychological issues that I needed to address! I therefore responded to Tina's initial question of "What is your goal?", that I had none.

I will not go into the process that Tina uses in any detail apart from reassuring others that she uses very simple biofeedback to engage with the conscious and sub-conscious minds of those she is working with, to understand what mental blocks and unresolved traumas might be holding us back or affecting our health, and thus stopping us reaching our true potential. On the basis of the method she uses, it was decided that I needed to work in the area of Relationships. Then she divined, to her surprise, that the area affected was my digestive system. Now I have had problems digesting cows milk products for the past 10 years, to the extent that even small amounts have left me incapacitated with excess wind, abdominal cramps, general malaise (a bit like flu symptoms) and colonic pain and tenderness. I have as a result been extremely fearful of ingesting any cows milk products, and would avoid them at all costs. Tina divined that this was related to a traumatic period in my life, to do with my relationship with my then husband, which culminated in divorce. Well this was something neither of us expected to come up. But as the saying goes "in for a penny, in for a pound". So Tina then worked on the unresolved feelings that related to that time, a bit like rebooting a computer.

I must admit that this is where my scepticism could have undermined the process, but by this time I was intrigued, and the issue of my diet and the restrictions that I have been under were too important not to give it my best shot.

Again I will not go into detail about how Tina works, but it uses the power of affirmation and body posture, so familiar to me as a yoga practitioner (I am also a qualified yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga and have practiced yoga for the past 40 years). So I am comfortable with these concepts - but cure a cows milk "allergy" by saying a few affirmation and doing a few postures??

Tina assured me that my body would heal. That I would be able to eat cows milk products and digest them safely. So do I start eating these the next day, or wait a while, maybe until I get home so that I don't spoil my holiday? For me it had to be sooner rather than later, as I did not want my new found optimism about a possible cure to falter. So I tied a small piece of pancake with cheese filling from another person's plate. The next day, no excess gas (not a good thing on a yoga holiday). So how about some yoghurt on my muesli? Again no problems, but often my symptoms arise 24 - 48 hours afterwards. Next day, no excess wind, no cramps, no flu-like symptoms or heartburn (the latter has been one of the first symptoms to appear). At breakfast we were presented with a lovely concoction of fruit, muesli and yoghurt in a glass (very like a nicker-bocker-glory - and I had to have one, as eating one of these was one of the visualisations that I had used to know that I was cured). I ate the whole thing with no subsequent problems.

I continue to eat cows milk products, or food with these in them, with no adverse effects. I am loving my new found dietary freedom. I am no longer scanning the contents of every food item I purchase.

It is early days, so I am still a little wary of over-doing the amount of dairy in my diet, but actually things like drinking soya milk instead of cows has not been a problem for me. I am aware that for other, environmental, reasons animal foods are not always considered to be good for the planet. What has been a difficulty is the fear of being unwell due to inadvertent ingestion of cows milk, usually when eating out, or when buying pre-prepared foods. I am now confident in saying to myself, I can safely digest cows milk.

Thank you Tina for your expert help and loving kindness. As we say in yoga "Om shanti, shanti shanti".

Psych-k was highly recommended to me by a dear friend, who made significant leaps forward within months of her session with Tina.

Having had several years of increasing stress and anxiety in my teaching job, and no effective support in the UK, I decided to book a session with Tina whilst on a yoga holiday in Turkey.

I was astonished at how quickly and easily she uncovered subconscious blocks within me.

Tina cleared an incredible amount of past hurt and unresolved grief and I left the session feeling more light-hearted and carefree than I had felt for many years…along with absolute clarity about the next steps I needed to take to create a more positive future.

A month later Tina supported me through a further session via Skype – this helped with a more immediate situation that I felt nervous about. I believe Psych-k helped me to handle the situation with increased confidence and strength.

I would definitely recommend Psych-k – and Tina – for anyone needing help to clarify a situation, shift limiting subconscious beliefs, or wanting to make positive changes…free of fear.
Tina has a wonderfully calm, friendly and reassuring manner and I look forward to working with her again in the future.